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We’re a digital copywriting company for tech. We’ve helped businesses discover their voice and thrive for over 20 years.

Need words for your WordPress website? WP Pros(e) can do it.

Need words for your business?

Sales copy, blog posts, documentation, custom-fit words, or any kind of copy, really?

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A special message for everyone in light of the recent events with COVID-19:

Our hearts goes out to all those affected, to their families, emergency and essential service staff, and to everyone affected including those in quarantine and self-isolation. We sincerely wish everyone the best and hope healing comes swiftly as we continue working from home while practising social distancing. In lieu of a hug, here’s a digital one.

Expertly crafted words to full-suite brand management.

WP Pros(e) is a full-suite digital marketing firm of hyper-talented, full-stack brand ambassadors: we’re expert writers and marketers who are also super skilled at business and web development as well as everything WordPress.

If our years of experience were a person, they would be in college.

That means we know the ins and outs of what businesses with websites need to not only survive but thrive.

If your website and company is built on or around WordPress, app, or web technology, we can help.


We can build your business and your brand, brick by brick, and all the way past cloud nine.

From writing up ultra high-quality and well-researched articles, sales copy, lead magnets, documentation, email marketing, customer happiness and social media management—you name it—we’ll do it all and lickety-split to boot.

We’re WordPress professionals that write WordPress prose. Any kind of prose, really. Plus a whole lot more.

No need to scramble over slippery software, weird angles or spilled coffee. We have all the tools in our handy toolbox to get ‘er done right.

We know you’re busy running your business and team. We also know building a hugely successful business and brand online is not as soothing and swift as a stroll around the block.

Fumbling over which software to use for social media, customer support or planning blog posts is not in your job description.

But it is in ours. We have all the tools we need to get the job right the first time.

What We Do

Whatever your brand needs, we’ll do it for you.
We’ll even high five you whilst we work.



Check markThe Full-Suite Solution

Have every facet of your entire business and brand scrubbed, polished and shined to a glistening gold or choose a specific part of your business that needs attention.


  • Entire Brand

  • Your Website

  • Full Website

  • Blog Content

  • Social Media


  • Community Engagement

  • Customer Happiness

  • Email Marketing

  • Editing

This is How We Do It

Our process is as thorough as it comes…
Because your business’ total success is what matters most.




We’ll search through every nook and cranny and leave no digital stone unturned.  With a finished report, you’ll know exactly where you have the opportunity to shine.


Chess piece

You’ll get our mega years of experience behind the wheel to create a solid strategy that’s perfectly tailored to your business in a full report that covers all the things.


Infinity symbol

You decide how you want to see your business and brand come alive and flourish. Have us complete a one-off project or keep us on retainer for any amount of time, big or small.

We’ll tailor our words to fit.

Not seeing the kind of work you really need?
We’ll make a custom project to fit your exact needs.

Whether you want to write your own words or get us to take care of it or you want some ongoing expert advice and guidance, need a lead magnet, full content for a brand new website…

Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us, let us know what you need and we’ll take care of the rest.

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We can get your visitors to set down their phones, buckle in and hang on every word so you can score sales and join the big leagues.

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Ultra high-quality, informative, well-researched and witty articles, tutorials and how-to guides to make your visitors gleeful.

Theme illustration


Nothing scares away theme hunters like typos and grammar led astray. We’ll scrub your theme’s copy to make it sparkle.

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We’ll review, then write the right words to make your plugin’s copy shine and sparkle the way it ought to so your plugin sells like hot cakes.

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Ongoing, (or one-time)  consistent social media posts and rockstar community engagement to make your brand thrive.

Paper and pen


Not quite happy with the words you ‘ve penned? Not to worry. We’ll polish them up and get them bright and beaming.

light bulb


Well-researched and personalized content strategies that help you get on track, reach your goals and craft content that converts.

WordPress logo


We can manage your blog for you, run your editorial calendar as well as brainstorm winning article ideas. We can write them, too.



Emails are a converting powerhouse. We’ll write impressive and effective newsletters to get your subscribers on the edge of their seats.

We’ve got the goods.

We’ll knock your socks off!
Don’t just take our word for it.

Raelene Morey

Raelene Morey
Managing Editor, WPMU DEV

“WP Pros(e) provides the best possible high-quality content (that Google loves!) with unmatched expertise, professionalism and panache. An absolute pleasure to work with and to enjoy their work, I can’t think of anyone better to engage than WP Pros(e).”

Augustin Prot

Augustin Prot

“WP Pros(e) is fast, efficient, friendly to deal with and professional. They know how to nail a job and always write with a company’s key business focus in mind.”

Jean-Baptiste Marchand-Arvier

Jean-Baptiste Marchand-Arvier
WP Rocket / WP Media

“From start to finish, WP Pros(e) provides their skillful Midas touch to their writing with professionalism and pizzazz. They take the time to understand a company inside and out to give stellar suggestions you otherwise wouldn’t have considered.”

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These folks know what’s hip and happening.
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